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An Exercise in PHP

We’re learning MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Java Servlets, among other things, in one of my classes right now. As an exercise to explore SQL queries in PHP, I worked up the following site, which explores our handmade “Wellesley Movie Database” in imitation of the IMDB. Later in the semester I’m going to work up a [...]

Letterpress Broadside Printing

We’re working on broadsides this month in my book arts studio course; I’m printing a series of quotes about journalism from G Stuart Adam’s essay, “Notes Towards a Definition of Journalism” in Caslon. Of course, I’m using tiny type and setting tons of text. (It may seem as if I like to make my life [...]

Our Fall 2009 Publicity Materials

Since most of these postcards, letters, and forms have been sent out, it seems like I can post them now. All designed in InDesign, and all designed at the last second; even with the rush, I like how they came out.

I like to think of these marketing campaigns like a fashion collection (or at least, [...]

First Post on a Broken Blog

Well, the old blog was deleted. I updated Wordpress without backing everything up, and poof, it was gone!
So. I’m taking advantage of my forced reboot to start things off differently. I’m going to upload a few of my last posts, and we’ll go from there. I quite like the new theme and lifestream plugin, though! [...]

Photos from Europe

a few more photos from london, prague, and barcelona.

Happy Birthday, America!

A quick recap of the Fourth of July as well as some fireworks photos!