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Summary of Initial Survey Results

I’ve finally closed down my survey of Wellesley students on their news consumption habits, after working on the survey for a month and distributing it for a month. It’s exciting to have results, and, what’s more, they’re fairly in line with my hypothesis. Fun!
I surveyed 203 students, across all class years and majors. The primary [...]

Digital Nation: Accessibility and Digital Disenfranchisement

Digital Nation (by Anthony Wilhelm) is far more concerned with broader global trends of technology use in our lives than I am, but he offers points that are still relatable.
First of all, Wilhelm’s focus on access to the media challenges everything I’m mulling over. He writes that low-income communities are victims of technology disenfranchisement, and [...]

Thoughts on a Greater Conversation

A lot of new developments these days seem to be focused on the creation of news aggregators: feed readers, compilers, organizers, etc. (Like the Times’ new CustomFeeds application.) It seems to me, though, that the next big breakthrough in internet journalism isn’t going to be an aggregator. (I agree that the ability to intelligently sort [...]

Oh, Hello’s Microsoft Sustainability Project

So I know the video is from months ago, but I can’t stop watching Oh, Hello’s Microsoft video. I was immediately fascinated by the stunningly beautiful interface design, animation, colors, everything. The more I watch it, however, the more I’m taken with the tangible user interface aspects of the project. First of all, check this [...]

Smart Mobs: Predicting the Future back in 2003

I’ve just read the introduction to Howard Rheingold’s Smart Mobs, and I was amazed by how spot-on his analysis is. The book was published in 2003, but it describes our world so clearly that it could have been published yesterday.
Rheingold writes about his observation of the growth of “texting” as a new means of communication; [...]

Campbell’s Journalism Enlarged: Stuff That Matters

I take back anything I might have said about The Values and Craft of American Journalism not being entirely relevant. Campell’s essay, “Journalism Enlarged: Stuff That Matters,” seems to be speaking directly to the tipping point we’ve reached. As the piece is described, “… In Campbell’s new frame, citizens must be partners with journalists in [...]